Wound³ Validation

The Wound³ team is constantly looking to improve the utility of its software solutions through clinical studies, accuracy and validation tests, and more. Learn more about past and ongoing studies below.

Uncertainty Study

Our team is dedicated to advancing medical imaging technology through our innovative iOS application, Wound³. Our commitment to excellence and accuracy drives us to continually test and validate the performance of our application across various iOS devices. The primary objective of the “Wound³ Uncertainty Study” is to rigorously assess the accuracy of the Wound³ application in capturing and analyzing 3D scans. By using objects with known geometry, we are able to compare the application’s 3D geometry reconstructions with the object’s true dimensions. This allows us to quantify the precision and reliability of Wound³ under different conditions and on various iOS devices.

We are currently looking for volunteers to assist in operating the Wound³ Uncertainty Study. Please use the button below to sign up now!

We also invite anyone to donate their iDevice(s) to the study for 15 minutes. Please use the link below to schedule a time to run your iDevice through the accuracy study.